Unlocking AI’s potential

The choices we make today will determine whether AI fulfills its promise. Now is the time for policymakers, companies, and communities to come together on a deliberate strategy, an AI opportunity agenda that helps everyone benefit from AI.


Besides misuse, we also note countervailing worries about missed uses — failing to take advantage of and share the benefits of AI technologies out of an excess of caution.” -UN AI Advisory Board

The world is at a pivotal moment in the development of AI. We’re already seeing the progress it is making possible – sparking scientific breakthroughs, helping governments serve people better, and empowering workers and businesses around the world. As it continues to develop, we’re excited about the opportunities AI will create for people and businesses of all sizes to innovate and grow.

That future is not guaranteed. To fulfill AI’s promise, we must focus on what we want to achieve, not just what we want to avoid. Government, industry, and civil society must work together - collaboratively, deliberately - on a comprehensive strategy that maximizes AI’s benefits, addresses its challenges, and governs it in a way that earns trust.

We can realize the transformative power of AI by adopting an AI Opportunity Agenda that:

  1. Invests in AI infrastructure and innovation
  2. Develops a thoughtful AI workforce strategy
  3. Promotes widespread adoption
The choices we make today will shape the future of AI for years to come. Google is committed to doing our part - and doing so in partnership with government, industry partners, and societal leaders. We will only succeed together.

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