’s $75M AI Opportunity Fund for the United States

The Fund and the launch of a new AI Essentials course are part of Google’s larger commitment to help everyone benefit from the opportunities of AI

Apr 26, 2024 1 min read

Over recent decades, innovation and technology have benefited people across the U.S. and around the world, providing previously unimaginable access to information, increasing global life expectancies, and in the past thirty years, pulling over a billion people out of extreme poverty.

The world is now at a pivotal moment in the development of AI. We’re already seeing the progress it is making possible – sparking scientific breakthroughs, helping governments serve people better, and empowering workers, learners, and businesses across the United States. As it continues to develop, we’re excited about the opportunities AI will create for people and businesses of all sizes to innovate and grow.

And yet, according to the World Economic Forum, despite the rising demand for AI skills, only half of workers have access to adequate AI training opportunities today.

At Google, we’ve always been committed to making information universally accessible, and this moment is no different. We must continue to invest in people, education, and training programs that help workers, learners, and small businesses of all backgrounds learn to use AI effectively. And we believe that a collaborative approach is necessary to make AI training accessible to workers and local communities.

To help ensure AI’s benefits are widely shared, is launching a $75 million dollar AI Opportunity Fund, which will help over one million Americans learn essential AI skills by providing funding to best-in-class workforce development and education organizations across critical segments of society:

  • Rural and Underserved Workers
  • Public Sector Workers
  • Students and Educators
  • Small Businesses
  • Nonprofits

Woman in blue Goodwill branded jacket smiling in front of a truck

With our support, organizations across the country like Goodwill Industries International and the Institute for Veterans and Military Families will be better equipped to empower Americans to leverage AI technology to boost productivity and prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.

Many of these organizations will now be able to use training programs like the Google AI Essentials course designed and taught by AI experts at Google. The online course is product agnostic, does not require a degree or experience, and will teach workers foundational AI skills, AI best practices, and how to use AI responsibly.

Unlocking AI’s economic potential won’t happen automatically. All of us, across industries, government, and society, need to work together to ensure that everyone can benefit from the opportunities of AI.